About Steff Fernandes



Stephanie Fernandes is an award-winning realtor with a passion to empower clients with the knowledge and insight needed to make an informed decision when buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Communication, integrity, and trust are the cornerstones of Fernandes Realty. 

Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge as she has a deep understanding of market trends, products, and the economics of the real estate industry. Her superpower is numbers, being a banker serving high-net-worth clients before moving to Canada she helped several people build wealth.

Her clients span a wide geographic range from New Castle, in the East, all the way to Niagara Region, in the West. Regardless of whether they are competing against multiple offers to buy a property, or homes for sale in the area, you can be sure she has a creative solution up her sleeve. Whether it's negotiating better terms in a contract or marketing a property well to receive optimum exposure, she and her team make sure that her clients are always on the winning side. 

Along with being a seasoned negotiator, and a marketing expert, Stephanie herself invests actively in the real estate market, coaching aspiring investors on how to build a portfolio that will provide them with long-term financial freedom and generational wealth.

She strives to protect the best interests of every client, whether a first-time home buyer, seller, or seasoned investor, her goal when negotiating a deal is to always lookout for the best interests and offer solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.